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8 ways to make cheap purchases on the Internet

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Are you like action and crazy shopping of Black Friday? Or do you shop from promotion to promotion, counting on deals? In the XXI century we will make cheap purchases on the Internet, without the need to run to the shops and fight for cheap goods. It is necessary, however, to learn how to make such purchases, using several principles and tools.

Sometimes it seems to me that every store wants to convince me that I will make cheap purchases on the Internet only from him. The adherents have more and more tools and each case seems to be good to make a „share”. Only is shopping really cheaper, or do we just think we’ve done good business?

The best example is adopted in Poland „Black Friday”, that is one Friday a year, full of high prices. I was in the United States at the time and the shares are huge, but in Poland… according to the consulting firm Deloitte, the decline in prices on this day compared to the previous Friday amounted to an average of 1.3 percent. This is definitely not a cheap purchase on the Internet!

Cheap buy only for the active

In my opinion, we need to take matters into our own hands. If we rely only on the fact that the stores themselves will lower the price, and is determined by them on our means, you can greatly miscalculate. The store wants to attract us to itself and as soon as possible to bring to https://www.bufale.net/allarmismo-pringles-cancro-confezionato-un-barattolo/ the transaction. For your purchases we have to take care of ourselves!

  • First, it is necessary to fight the ransom under the influence of impulse.
  • Emotions are not welcome here because under their influence we behave like children in a toy store – every moment we want to throw something in the basket and then we wonder if we will really use it.
  • Here you need to be patient, work with a few tools and become a good researcher.
  • I’ll show you my set of tools and techniques with which I actually make cheap purchases online. The partner of this text is the service AleRabat.com ahhh!

8 ways to make cheap purchases on the Internet

Make a list of expenses!

Before we get down to tools and tricky ways to make cheap purchases online, let’s take a step back. To learn how to buy something cheaper, you first need to know what we want to buy. Some things we can plan in advance but don’t do it because of the extortion and different duties. I, for one, have an open gift list all the time. 😉

Birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas, baby Day… I can list and enumerate all the times when a gift is needed. We do have a lot of them, and, as a rule, at the stage of recording expenses in the budget, it turns out how much money we actually spent on purchases at the last moment. With such a list, I know exactly what I want to buy, and I have more time for it.

And if my parents have a Birthday in September and I find them a great gift at a good price in March… what happens if the gift waits six months in the closet? Of course not! So we can save a lot, but we need to change the action model. We hunt for cheap online shopping. First define goal, then do research, goal… Fire!

One of my favorite purchasing tools that the Internet has given us is websites that collect coupons, discounts and promotions. Americans today can cut coupons from Newspapers that give discounts on goods. We, in turn, have gone even further, and we have all the possibilities on the Internet.

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Pay online: what are the safest ways to do it

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Electronic commerce has grown a lot in recent times and is a sector that will continue to grow. The main reason is the rise of mobile devices and the Internet of Things and the possibilities they offer.

They allow us to surf the Internet https://blog.giallozafferano.it/erboristeriarugiada/acrilammide-come-ridurre-la-sostanza-cancerogena-che-si-forma-in-pane-patate-fritte-e-caffe/ almost from anywhere, to have a wide variety of applications and services. This facilitates, among other things, the possibility of buying quickly and comfortably from anywhere. However, this also causes us to take precautions. In this article, we are going to talk about the safest ways to pay online.

Today there are a variety of platforms, pages and applications where you can buy. Sometimes we buy directly from companies and at other times it is a transaction between individuals. Be that as it may, you always have to make a payment. This is where the risk can be if we do not take precautions. We will explain which are the safest methods to pay online and also what mistakes should be avoided. Everything to always preserve our security and privacy and not put at risk our information and devices.

Secure methods to pay onlineSecure methods to pay online

Use platforms like PayPal – Among the possibilities we have to pay online, PayPal is one of the safest and most reliable. It is true that we can find scams in PayPal  but it is not usual and we will have less probability than in other platforms. The fact of using platforms like PayPal allows us not to have to use our bank account or cards directly. We can simply enter the money we need and then use it to pay.

Bank cards with security

Without a doubt it is one of the most used payment methods nowadays. It is true that many users see it with fear, but as long as we take the basic security measures , the use of bank cards to buy online is a good solution.

We have to observe that the payment gateway is safe and always have two-factor authentication configured . In this way whenever we go to pay for Internet we will receive a message to the mobile, for example, to verify that really we are.

Rechargeable cards

An alternative to traditional bank cards and an increasingly booming method. Our own bank may offer us this possibility. We can also buy prepaid cards that come with an economic amount.

Rechargeable cards

It basically consists of entering the money we need through another card or payment method. In case of theft or some type of fraud, this rechargeable card will simply be affected and the economic amount there will be, which will usually be the minimum to make the payment we need.

Transfers and cash on delivery

Although increasingly less used, bank transfer or cash on delivery are also reliable methods to pay online. Logically if we decide to pay once we receive the product, generally to the company that distributes the package, we increase even more the guarantees.

How to pay safely online

Secure pages – To pay with security it is very important that we navigate through reliable pages . Unfortunately, fraudulent sites abound in the network and can put our security and privacy at risk. You must always enter official sites and never access them from third-party links. A good sign that a page is reliable is the fact that it is encrypted and uses the HTTPS protocol . In this way our data travels safely.

Reliable networks – It is also very important to navigate secure networks. It is a mistake, for example, to connect to an open Wi-Fi network and make a payment. We do not really know who can be behind that network and how it could compromise our security.

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