I think that most of our readers know the situation in which, in the first Anglo-Saxon, the teacher tells us that learning English from games and films is not real knowledge

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According to the results, physicians and residents who spent more than three hours of video games a week have made 37 percent fewer bugs in surgery and 27 percent faster than partners who do not play. So it has not been difficult to discuss so far, but now, in 2016, when the popularity of mobile games is gaining popularity, it is difficult to argue with this.

Arcade games rely on „refining” coordination skills

Arcade games rely on "refining" coordination skills

Numerous initiatives and the widespread application prove that the basic knowledge of the language can be easily obtained with the help of one smartphone. The popular search engine for words and word games that are also collected is offered and used by more and more teachers to exercise at home, making it more creative and modern to prepare for dizziness.

For our younger readers, I would like to point out that the story does not apply to this article, to convince parents why it is worth to play around the clock in front of a computer. In addition to all the advantages, you should take into account some of the negative effects that, by acquiring moderation, reduce the strength of everyday life.

Although it is difficult to avoid these negative effects, there is a growing need for virtual games for educational purposes, regardless of whether it is a foreign language, history, biology or physics. What do you think is really capable of playing video games for educational purposes and skill development, or is it a too utopian idea?

Our ability to solve problems is improving

Our ability to solve problems is improving

Here are some factors that support video games – of course in moderation! – they can be useful:

I know, I know … I’ll be back to that damn Xbox or PS, when you get home, have no minute of silence, or flickering the screen as your partner or children just jump into action, let’s face it: you know all the words turn the football commentator heart ! It is worth remembering – before you take out the 220 machine – that the game has its own advantages.

What is this?

It strengthens coordination skills. Arcade games rely on „refining” coordination skills. The contestant may fall off the track the first few times, but it will not be twenty times certain. We will have better reflexes. The game requires faster reaction time and getting used to getting ready all the time. Because you can not do anything.

Our ability to solve problems is improving. Although virtually anything can happen, we often need to use our creativity to get to the next level. It deepens our imagination. In many games, we can create characters, avatars, spaces, good food, refresh our right brain. We teach active attention.

You can play many games in a team on the device or on the Internet

You can play many games in a team on the device or on the Internet

An addictive game requires full concentration from us, so we learn to exclude the entire space of the outside world and concentrate on one thing. Logic, strategic games can even become useful in our work. Is this to be clarified? With their help, many people feel relief in everyday tension.

Thanks to the fast game you can follow the tension that we still have, get out of the pair. Encourages teamwork
You can play many games in a team on the device or on the Internet. If someone not only plays alone but starts with many tasks, he develops the individual’s willingness to cooperate and cooperate.

And whoever you want to see, why do not you think that some researchers should put the gadget in the hands of children under the age of 12? Multitasking (= when we do more things at the same time) The games are designed to provide the player with various functions and surprises. In any case, it would be boring, right? This means that if someone chases the game can drive a car, get out of the sidewalk, pick up bonuses while shooting, at the same time is pretty sure that proven real life „My heart suddenly I can do one,” turns KAMU.

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