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Zbiten is an old Russian hot drink made from water, honey and spices, which often included medicinal herbal preparations. First mentioned in the Slavic annals in 1128. Hot sbiten had a warming and anti-inflammatory effect, so they drank it mainly in the winter. Another kind of this drink was cold “zbiten”, which was no less popular drink while quenching thirst.


SOOO “Dvinsky Brovar” produces low alcohol drinks “Zbiten Kovrizhny” and “Zbiten Pryadishny”, “Zbiten with prunes” and “Zbiten with cranberries”. This drink is a product of natural fermentation, carbonated, incorporating a wide range of different spices.

The alcohol content is 4.5%. “Zbitni” differ from each other by the combination of spices, among which are cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, etc. The basis of the beverage is a mixture of natural barley syrup and fruit and berry syrup. Drinks can be consumed either warmed or chilled. The product label uses the Golden Bumblebee trademark.





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